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origin_1332018052We’re often asked about the high contrast yellow tinted glasses that are being marketed as “night driving glasses.”

Yellow tinted lenses enhance contrast and can enhance vision in some environments but they DO NOT improve night vision. In fact, any tint (including yellow) reduces the amount of light entering the eye and the distance one can see in the dark. Glasses with an accurate distance prescription – even a very mild one – and an anti-reflective coating can be very helpful for driving in low light conditions as they actually increase the amount of light that reaches the retina in the back of the eye.

Other tips for safer night driving include having properly maintained and adjusted headlights, a clean windshield and quality windshield wiper blades. For a complete list of night driving advice, check out the link below.

http://bit.ly/1D0Ngd0 (Popular Mechanics)

photo credit: Plamen Stoev via photopin cc