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Most of us have a closet full of clothing for every type of event or mood in our life. How many pairs of jeans or shoes do you have? 5? 10? 20? For obvious reasons one pair just isn’t enough to cover all situations. Why then do most folks only have one pair of glasses? Are the things we do with your feet more important than what we do with our eyes?
If we are constantly changing our clothing and footwear to match our activity why not have more choices in your eyewear? For instance, when riding a bike you may want some wrap-around sunglasses. But that look may not be what you want for an outing with friends at a winery. You may need computer glasses to help with your work at the office, but a different prescription, tint, and lens coating for viewing your child’s baseball game or driving at night. Having multiple pairs for functioning in your life becomes more critical as we age and are more active.
Glasses are not just for vision: they also make a fashion statement and can improve performance and productivity! Tell us about your lifestyle and vision needs and we will help you pick the perfect glasses to optimize your visual performance in all situations.

(Come in to see us, and switch up your style!)