Glasses for Screen Time

Screen Time Strains Our Eyes Americans of all ages are spending more time in front of digital devices like computer monitors, tablets, and smart phones.  While this technology has changed the way we search for information, communicate, and entertain ourselves it has also created a new type of vision problem.  Computer Vision Syndrome or Digital Eyestrain […]

Hot or Cold?

It is allergy season so the question arises “Which should I use to provide some relief for my puffy, itchy eyes – a warm compress or a cold compress?” While either one may provide some relief from allergy eyes, here are some guidelines on the most effective ways to use heat or cold on the […]

How Many Shoes are in Your Closet?

Most of us have a closet full of clothing for every type of event or mood in our life. How many pairs of jeans or shoes do you have? 5? 10? 20? For obvious reasons one pair just isn’t enough to cover all situations. Why then do most folks only have one pair of glasses? […]

Frugal Frank

Frank is a big guy and he has a big head so he has trouble finding glasses that fit well.  Frank also likes a bargain so after he got his prescription at the Eye Scare Center of Leesburg he ordered glasses online.  He used the online measuring guides to pick the size frame he needed […]

Laser Correction in our Family

On March 23 Doctor McGrew’s son Wesley had laser vision correction performed by Dr. Andy Holzman at the TLC Center in Tysons Corner. Dr. McGrew was with his son in the surgical suite and is happy to report the recovery process has been smooth and Wesley is thrilled with his great vision without contact lenses […]

CHRPE and Colon Cancer

Another reason to have your eyes checked regularly! Freckles in Your Eye Can Identify Risk of Colon Cancer A common pigment spot in the retina can be associated with a hereditary form of intestinal polyps that may become cancerous. Congenital Hypertrophy of the Retinal Pigment Epithelium, referred to as CHRPE (“chirpy”), a form of freckling […]

New Lens Technology Helps Wearers Drive More Safely

Of course it should be safer to drive wearing your prescription glasses but did you know high tech options could enhance your vision even further allowing you to react more quickly to potential hazards on the road? • Anti-reflective coatings reduce distracting glare and reflections and actually allow more light to reach the eye for […]

Dr. McGrew on the Overcrowded Eye Care Aisle (Video)

Dr. McGrew helps to make sense out of the wide array of products in the eye care aisle in your local drugstore. Check out this video!    

Having Trouble Reading Small Print? Use Your Phone?

Having Trouble Reading Small Print? Use Your Phone? It’s frustrating and potentially embarrassing to not be able to focus on small print or small details. If you have reading glasses you may be fine, but what if you don’t have your glasses handy or if things are too small to see even with them on? […]

Shades on the Slopes!

Wearing sunglasses everyday can help protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation that creates cataracts. People remember to wear their sunglasses during the summer, but often forget about the winter.   Choose sunglasses or goggles that offer 99 percent or greater UV protection. Frame styles that wrap around the sides of your head or […]