Our COVID-19 Policies & Procedures at the Eye Care Center of Leesburg

We’re Here for You! During the COVID-19 pandemic our highest priority is the safety and well-being of our patients and staff. We have changed our schedule to accommodate social distancing and will gradually over the next 6 weeks be adding additional appointment slots. Please be patient if we can’t give you an immediate appointment time. […]

[VIDEO] Mom Myths! (Out & About w/ Dr. McGrew)

As a rule Moms provide great advice but some of the wisdom they espouse about the eyes is suspect. Watch to learn more.  

Glasses for Screen Time

Screen Time Strains Our Eyes Americans of all ages are spending more time in front of digital devices like computer monitors, tablets, and smart phones.  While this technology has changed the way we search for information, communicate, and entertain ourselves it has also created a new type of vision problem.  Computer Vision Syndrome or Digital Eyestrain […]

Importance of Eyesight and Your Health

We all want to protect our eyesight and overall health for ourselves and our family – that is why regular eye exams are important. Regular eye care and exams can protect and prevent many eye diseases, if detected early.   Today, a whole range of eye problems can be treated successfully without total vision loss. […]

5 Children’s Vision Tips for Summer

We typically think the school year is the time to be concerned about children’s vision. We want them to see well in the classroom and be able to read and do homework comfortably. But summer brings outdoor activities and more free time which may be spent in front of electronic devices. So here are some […]

Laser Correction in our Family

On March 23 Doctor McGrew’s son Wesley had laser vision correction performed by Dr. Andy Holzman at the TLC Center in Tysons Corner. Dr. McGrew was with his son in the surgical suite and is happy to report the recovery process has been smooth and Wesley is thrilled with his great vision without contact lenses […]

CHRPE and Colon Cancer

Another reason to have your eyes checked regularly! Freckles in Your Eye Can Identify Risk of Colon Cancer A common pigment spot in the retina can be associated with a hereditary form of intestinal polyps that may become cancerous. Congenital Hypertrophy of the Retinal Pigment Epithelium, referred to as CHRPE (“chirpy”), a form of freckling […]

EYES (a poem by Brook Zimmerman)

EYES It started with the flick of an eye When my whole life changed around me Every second had counted Every second was now gone I wish I could push the rewind button   I would do anything to get my old life back More so to get my old self back But the job […]


“What the heck is happening to my vision?” We see patients almost every month who have experienced sudden dramatic visual effects that can quite scary, especially the first time it happens. The most common cause for this is an ocular migraine, which fortunately is quite benign and harmless. However, it is important for us to […]

The Sad Kitty – Creepy Tales!!

CREEPY TALES FROM THE EYE SCARE CENTER OF LEESBURG   The Sad Kitty Jenny loves Halloween and was super excited about wearing her cute kitty costume to some rocking parties.   She also loves her contact lenses but recently she’s gotten lazy with them. She stopped rubbing them clean at night and keeping track of […]