Why Bono Sports His Shades

In Darian Lusk’s recent CBS News article, he discusses the medical reason Bono always wears sunglasses. In the article, Bono says he’s had glaucoma for over 20 years. Glaucoma is usually symptomless, gradually stealing away peripheral vision without pain or light sensitivity.  That’s one reason it is a scary disease.  Bono likely suffers from a […]

Is a School Vision Screening Just as Good as an Eye Exam?

No! While school screenings are reasonably effective at identifying weakness in distance vision, they routinely miss near vision problems, problems with coordinating eyes together and adjusting distance vision tasks and close work. And of course, school screenings are not designed to detect eye health or color vision problems. All children should have a complete eye […]

Coffee vs. Carrots

Good news, coffee lovers! A recent study at Cornell University indicates that a chemical found in coffee may help prevent retinal damage from eye diseases like glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, and macular degeneration.  Previous studies have also indicated that coffee my reduce risk of age related dementia and Parkinson’s disease. Further study is needed but in […]

Community Health

What a weekend! Dr. McGrew attended the Remote Area Medical Clinic in Grundy VA.  The clinic provides routine medical services, screenings, shots, vision and dental available to the local community. Over 300 eye exams were given and yes, Dr. McGrew examined a majority of those! Check out the pics!  

Thinking of Ordering Glasses Online?

We previously offered online ordering of glasses, but after careful consideration have deactivated the service. We strongly feel the BEST way to choose frames and lenses are through face-to-face interaction with an optical professional. While online ordering does offer the advantages of increased frame choices and the convenience of 24 hour access there is a […]

Halloween: Scary Eyes Can Be Scary Dangerous

The perfect Halloween costume could be complimented by some spooky tinted “theatrical” contact lenses. But keep in mind that contact lenses are medical devices and have the potential to cause eye irritation, infection, and even loss of vision if used improperly. Also, some costume-tinted contact lenses restrict peripheral vision or reduce the ability to see […]

Spring Allergies Cause Problems for the Vision-Corrected

Spring can be a difficult time for the one in five individuals affected by seasonal eye allergies. For many vision-corrected individuals, eye allergy symptoms such as itchy, watery eyes, often keep them from enjoying daily activities and impact their performance at work, at school and during sports. There are a few things people can do […]

Computer Use May Pose Risks for Children’s Vision

Millions of children use the computer every day, either at home or at school. Unfortunately, too much computer use at a young age could cause eye problems that may carry on into adulthood. With computers becoming a part of children’s everyday life, it’s worth considering what effects computer use might have on your children’s eyes […]

Protect Your Eyes From the sun’s harmful effects

Sunglasses are more than a fashion accessory. They are an essential tool to safeguard the health of your eyes and the surrounding tissue. Sunglasses should be worn year-round whenever you’re outdoors. Just as the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays can damage skin, they can also harm the lens and cornea of the eyes. UV radiation increases […]