Contact Lens Care and Handling

Contacts offer an exciting and attractive alternative to glasses, but contact lenses are also a responsibility. The FDA classifies contact lenses and care products as medical devices, and since the lenses rest on your cornea, the care and hygiene of your contacts is critical. With proper care, these lenses should provide you with safe, comfortable and clear vision. However, remember to always have a backup pair of glasses with your current Rx for emergencies.

Follow your prescribed replacement schedule such as daily or monthly. This will keep your eyes healthy. Over-wearing or stretching your contacts may result in ocular complications.

You should not sleep overnight (unless prescribed) in your lenses; however, accidental napping can occur. If your eyes feel dry or sore, eye drops should be used to lubricate them before removal.

Putting your contacts on inside out will not harm your eyes. It will feel uncomfortable and vision fluctuates. Just remove, put right side out, rinse and re-insert.

Solutions or care kit have been prescribed specifically for your ocular needs. Since they vary significantly from one manufacturer to another, do not change or substitute unless you check with us first. Improper use may result in lens damage or eye irritation.

If you need an eye drop for dryness when you are wearing your lenses use drops that are marked compatible with contact lenses. Read labels on eyedrops; not all can be used with contact lenses.

After your follow-up appointment, our doctor will finalize your prescription. Our front desk staff will order your annual supply of contacts and have them shipped directly to your home.

To order a replacement contact or order a supply, you can:
Call our office at 703-777-1299
Email our office at
Order online at our website

Enjoy your new contact lenses! If any problem occurs such as blurred vision, red eyes or discomfort, remove the contact lenses and call our office at 703-777-1299. If it is after hours or an emergency you will be directed to our emergency number.