It started with the flick of an eye

When my whole life changed around me

Every second had counted

Every second was now gone

I wish I could push the rewind button


I would do anything to get my old life back

More so to get my old self back

But the job as already been done


Imagine a zigzag right before your eyes

Like a lightning bolt you can’t escape from

And it just keeps spreading and spreading and spreading

Like a raging fire in your eyes


Now this lightning bolt transforms into a perfect pie pan circle

And it just keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger

Eventually it grows bigger than the sun and moon combined

There’s no going back, at least not now


Now I’m its prey, and it’s the predator

And this gigantic five-ton circle engulfs me

I’m its tasty treat it’s been waiting for all night


Now this invisible yet visible pie pan circular shape is bouncing in front of you

Blocking you away from the world around you that you always knew so well

It makes itself clear to you that it should be your one and only main focus in life


The darkened oak of a tree, fresh and damp from a rain shower

The bright, warming sun stretching its arms through the sky to say hello

The crunchy, green grass you look down on when you’re sad

The sea of puffy white-looking cotton balls you look at when you look up


The cracked up eroded sidewalk chipping away from a storm’s last attack

The nice, warming, and flawless view of our friend’s house only a block away

The elegant words you comprehend, that plays a movie in your head

The smile you put on someone’s face, edit and erased from your mind


Everything that you know, loved, and brought you peace are gone

Edited and erased and put in the back of a pickup truck

You run after what you wish you had, but then finding yourself lost again


But the dark and gloomy clouds put a restraint on you

You turn your head around every corner

Looking for a way to escape this foul and confusing mess that you got yourself stuck in

But it’s still there wherever you look

You might think it’s gone, but it’s right there, hiding behind a nearby car


It laughs and sneers and wheezes and coughs

Like it just made a hilarious joke or put on an amazing show

It just stands there face to face like a brick building that is staying put

It roars one last chuckle

As it watches you struggle the way out of your very small field of vision


Brook Zimmerman