Americans of all ages are spending more time in front of digital devices like computer monitors, tablets, and smart phones.  While this technology has changed the way we search for information, communicate, and entertain ourselves it has also created a new type of vision problem.  Computer Vision Syndrome or Digital Eyestrain is a growing source of tired sore eyes, blurred vision, and headaches that has eye doctors and optical lens companies working hard to develop innovative new products and solutions to deal with this 21st century malady.

It All Starts with the Eye Examination

Our eyes focus differently on digital screens than they do on printed material like books and magazines.  What eye doctors have found is that digital tech users benefit from even small amounts of prescription and tend to appreciate low degrees of magnification so a detailed visual analysis is the first step towards relieving symptoms of digital eye strain.  Accurate measurements for fitting of glasses are also critical to visual comfort so it is best to have computer glasses fitted in person by a trained professional rather than purchased online.


TIP: measure the distance from the bridge of your nose to your computer screen before your eye examination so you can relay that critical information to the doctor.


Age is a factor but Digital Tech Users tend to need help Sooner

The solutions for digital eyestrain are different for those over age 40 than they are for younger patients.  Multifocal or bifocal wearers may find the glasses that otherwise meet their needs don’t do so well for extended screen time.  Often a pair of glasses prescribed specifically for computer use can be a real game changer.  Lens manufacturers have developed products designed specifically to meet the needs of the mature office worker.  These lenses tend to feature a large viewing area for mid-range screen distance with some added magnification for reading printed material.  Anti-reflective and protective coatings are often included for additional visual comfort.


Exciting new innovative solutions are also available for younger eyes in our high tech society.  Digital Tech Lenses take vision correction to the next level for today’s technophiles.  Using laser guided optical technology these lenses are designed to provide “high definition” vision and offer a subtle near power boost to relieve visual stress and increase comfort while using digital devices. These lenses also incorporate special coatings to reduce annoying reflections and protect against harmful blue light and UV emissions from digital screens.  They are available for users of all ages with high prescriptions, low prescriptions, or even NO prescription!

Schedule your eye examination today to find out how you can benefit from Digital Design Eyewear or stop by to talk to our trained optical professionals about these exciting products.