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Eye Exams

Much more than reading a chart

Contrary to popular opinion, not all eye exams are created equal. Our doctors combine computerized instrumentation with their years of experience in patient care to come up with the most accurate and comfortable prescription. This level of care will give you the peace of mind that comes with a thorough eye health evaluation.


An Accurate Prescription

At Eyecare Center, we use a combination of the latest technology to analyze your eyes and determine the best course of action for your individual needs:

Computerized Auto-Refractor uses invisible infra-red light to analyze your vision
Automated Keratometry readings for a highly detailed measurement of astigmatism
Color vision, eye muscle balance, and depth perception testing
Biomicroscopy evaluation for cataracts and external eye conditions
Automated visual field analyzer screens for optic nerve damage and neurological problems
Glaucoma testing with the latest “gentle puff” technology

Retinal photography to allow both you and the doctor to see the inside of your eye
Optomap ultra-widefield digital retinal imaging for a more comprehensive evaluation of your eye health
Dilated examinations to check for diabetes, ocular tumors, cataracts, glaucoma and floaters


Treatment of Eye Disease

We treat a variety of eye conditions, including infected eyes, allergy eyes, injured eyes, dry eyes and most eye diseases. If our doctors don’t treat your specific condition, they will refer you to the best specialist in the region.

Contact Lens Services

Utilizing the latest technology in contact lenses, our doctors will use their expertise to ensure that you see well, feel great and look good in your contacts. Even if you’ve tried and failed with contacts in the past, we will work with you to maximize your chances for success with contact lenses.


Low Vision & Seniors

We help patients that have suffered significant vision loss due to disease, age, birth defect or trauma. [Read More…]

Emergencies Happen

Ocular emergencies happen! Whether it’s an injury, infection or sudden vision change, we accommodate urgent emergency appointments in our daily schedule. Our doctor will respond to after hours emergency phone calls and see patients after hours as needed. Call our office at (703) 777-1299 and you will be directed to the emergency number.