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Lenses for Your Visually Demanding Life

We offer the latest in lens technology to optimize the vision, comfort and appearance of your glasses. Our experienced opticians will analyze your prescription, your visual needs and your lifestyle to recommend the optimal lenses and lens options for you.

Featured Products

  • Ultra-thin, ultra-light high index lenses that look better and put less weight on your nose and ears!
  • Progressive addition lenses for great vision at all distances and no bifocal lines
  • Polycarbonate lenses offer improved safety for both children and adults
  • Anti-reflection coatings for improved night vision and less annoying glare from computer screens or fluorescent lights
  • Polarized sunglass lenses; ideal for driving, boating, fishing, and snow sports. Polarized lenses reduce glare to actually improve your vision.
  • Photo-chromatic lenses that darken outdoors in the sun and lighten up indoors reducing your need for a separate pair of sunglasses
  • Specialized lenses for computer use, including AVN (anti-visual noise) and High Energy Blue Light Blocking technology
  • Prescription swim goggles and sports eyewear
  • Wind blocking eyewear for motorcycling and other outdoor activities
  • Authorized Dealer for Color Vision Lenses from Enchroma

Our opticians create the right lenses to maximize your comfort, appearance, and your vision.


We have a range of options to improve your comfort and visual health in today’s high tech environment including lenses with optics designed specifically for screen use, coatings to reduce glare and block potentially harmful UV and Blue Light, and possibly even a customized workstation prescription from our doctor.

In order for our opticians to give you the best vision possible we will be using the Optikam device to take lens fitting measurements. The device also allows us to visually demonstrate features such as anti-reflective coatings and polarization to help you when deciding what lens options are perfect. It provides an even better visual result with your new glasses!
We feature lenses designed to minimize the visual stress from extended screen time as well as lens treatments that protect the eyes from glare and harmful emissions like blue light.
Whether its remote learning at home or classroom work at school, students need regular eye exams and up to date prescriptions to make sure they are seeing well enough to succeed in school. “Student lenses,” blue technology and coatings will help your student’s eye strain.